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The HOA Board of Directors is aware that the current government policies dealing with the COVID-19 emergency may impact the finances of some owners. Therefore, the Board has adopted a temporary modification to the “Assessment Collection Rule.”  

Effective immediately (March 30, 2020) and for the next 90 days (until June 29, 2020), owners whose finances are impacted by “stay at home” orders and similar policies, will not be charged late payment fees or interest charges if they are unable to pay their assessments on time.

We do request that, as early as possible, you contact Carolyn Ihrig, Vice President and Assistant to the Finance Manager, to explain your situation so your record can be marked accordingly. Contact her at 720.480.4174 or Carolyn.ihrig.hoaonly@gmail.com.

Once things have settled into the “new normal,” the HOA will also be offering the option of a payment plan to allow impacted owners some time “catch up” on their payments.

This modification will be reevaluated June 29, 2020 and the policy communicated to all Village members.

The Village at Monument Homeowners Association Board