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See also FAQ for New Residents webpage.

Trash Pickup Service

Trash pickup service and recycling service are provided to residents of the Village at Monument by the HOA througtrash1h Waste Management.  The trash pickup day is Tuesday; recycling occurs on alternate Tuesdays.  2020 Recycling calendar. The trash and recycling containers should be placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on pickup day.  They may be set out the previous evening and should be returned to their storage location the evening of pickup day.

Residents who would like to begin recycling should contact Waste Management of Colorado at 800-482-6406.  There is no charge to the resident for this service, just the wheeled container, if desired.

Snow Plowing

The HOA has hired contractors to plow the driveways and sidewalks if we receive 2 inches or more snow.  Please keep the sidewalks and driveways clear of obstacles that might interfere with the snow plows.  Also be aware that the contractor does not clear snow from porches or steps, nor will they return to remove snow that blows back over surfaces they have already cleared.

Lawn Maintenance

The lawn maintenance contractor will mow and trim grass within the Village during the growing season and irrigate as needed.  In the Spring and Fall they clean up the area, fertilize, perform pest control, and trim common area shrubbery.  Mowing will normally occur on Tuesdays.

Safety and Security

Officer Bob Steine of the Monument Police Department’s Community Outreach Program has visited our community to review safety and welfare issues.  Officer Steine has furnished us with a list of things to know and do in order to do our best to have a safe community.  Click HERE to view his suggestions.