Top Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions frequently posed by newcomers to the Village.  See also the Covenants tab.

What is the Village at Monument Home Owners Association Directory that I was given? – The Directory is prepared for residents of the Village at Monument and contains primarily the contact information of residents.  It also contains emergency phone numbers, contact information for HOA Board members, and ancillary information about the Village.

The Covenants and other governing documents total 150+ pages.  What do I really need to know? – The HOA has excerpted the most relevant parts of the covenants for your study – click HERE.  However, these excerpts are understood to contain only basic restrictions and the architectural control process and do not replace the set of governing documents.

Is there an easy way to find out what my responsibilities for maintenance are? – Please see the East Side and West Side Maintenance Responsibilities Graphics which provide responsibility guidelines. The HOA Board of Directors reserves the right to determine, in its sole, reasonable discretion, whether any item of maintenance is an HOA responsibility or an owner’s responsibility.  As a general rule, if an item or area is for the sole use of a household, it is that household’s responsibility to maintain and care for.  If it is a shared area (e.g., the roof and siding of the homes on the west side), it is the responsibility of the HOA. 

What is the policy on satellite antennas? – Antennas should be mounted on the side of the house with the best view of the satellite.  It is preferred that they not be mounted on the roof.

What is the pet policy?The covenants state that each home may not have more than two pets but the HOA Board will consider exceptions.  Pets are required to be leashed in the Village unless the animal is under voice command and playing a game such as “Fetch.”  All pet residue must be picked up immediately for obvious health and safety reasons.

What about trash and recycling pickup? – Trash and recycling pickup is contracted by the HOA with Waste Management.  Trash ispicked up weekly on Tuesdays and recycling picked up on alternate Tuesdays.  Residents should have their carts out for service from 7am-7pm.  If there are any questions, residents should contact Waste Management Customer Service, (888) 496-8824.  See Waste Management’s holiday schedule, and its 2020 Recycling Calendar. Our recycling contract provides for small plastic containers for recyclables but residents can purchase the large orange-topped recycling cans directly from Waste Management for their use.  Cans should be marked with the house number and placed on the curb NET Monday night and retrieved NLT Tuesday night.  Because of frequent high winds every effort should be made to secure trash can lids to prevent trash from blowing around the Village.

What is the policy on parking? – On street parking is permitted although vehicles which do not move under their own propulsion during a five-day period or longer can be towed unless notification is requested of the HOA Board. On the west side, the parking space at the western end of the quadrangle of houses, is reserved for the exclusive use of the quadrangles residents for drop off, delivery, pick up, etc., of a temporary nature.  On the east side, the parking space adjacent to/east of the house’s yard area is that owner’s space.  The northern-most and southern-most houses on the east side consequently do not have parking spaces.

When is lawn maintenance and snow removal accomplished?

  • Our landscaping contractors during the season normally spend Tuesdays in the Village performing their tasks.
  • The sprinkler system in season operates early morning on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays on one side on one side of the Village, then Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on the other.
  • Snow removal occurs when snowfall is over 2 inches and weather conditions indicate continued cold weather and snow sticking.  The HOA retains the options to wait until the storm passes before snow operations begin.  Also, if the forecast is for warmer weather, the HOA may wait, provided the snow is not too deep, for Mother Nature to do her work. The contractor may come in the early hours to allow people who have to get out to work to leave.  The residents are responsible for clearing their own porches and walkways out to the common sidewalk; the contractor is responsible for the sidewalks, the alleyway on the east side, and the driveways and quadrangle areas of the west side.  Snow operations information is normally updated via email to residents.

What insurance do I need if I live on the west side in the townhomes?  The east and west sides of the Village have different insurance requirements.  See below:

What about my house numbers? – House numbers for safety and emergency response purposes should be painted matte black.

What’s the best way to find out what is going on in the Village? – The best way is to view this website.  Also, make sure the HOA Secretary has your correct email address so that news emails published periodically go directly to you.

What plantings work in the Village? – Please see our Gardening Hints webpage for ideas.